“Not having a live person answering the phone is like 
handing your business to your competition” 
Charlie Cook Sales Expert

Once Upon a Time, 
Calls Were Answered 
by Human Beings...

Customers knew that someone was listening, someone cared, and someone was willing to help. Businesses thrived, people were happier, and the world really was a better place.  

From our state-of-the-art call center in New York,  AnswerOne brings the human touch back to customer service,  providing you and your business with a warm, friendly, and professional receptionists to answer your calls whenever you need us— part time, full time, twenty four hours a day, and seven days a week.  

Serving businesses, professionals and medical practitioners for more than forty years,AnswerOne knows how to deliver exceptional value and outstanding service to our clients. 
AnswerOne, bringing the "Human Touch" back 
to answering calls. 

Why Should You Use AnswerOne? 

Voice Mail is so easy and inexpensive and built right in to most mobile devices, but a free service is not always the best service for your needs, particularly when it impacts the way you and your business are perceived.    

If you are trying to establish a positive relationship with your customers, you will want to deliver the best quality service and AnswerOne can help you achieve that aim.   Our live receptionists deliver outstanding customer service to each and every one of your callers.  They can also provide pertinent information about your products and services, and obtain the information that you need to be successful.  We can can also deliver your messages immediately or at a convenient time that you specify.  And with AnswerOne you get to choose the delivery method, you can receive your messages by by phone, text, email, fax or a combination thereof. 

In a world that craves human contact hiring AnswerOne is one of the most significant ways you can tell your customers, "you care."   An answering machine can only take messages, but our receptionists can actually hear what your clients have to say, and respond to their needs.  With AnswerOne you can breathe a little easier knowing that your callers will be treated professionally and respectfully day in and day out.   
AnswerOne Call Center Receptionist
We Make You Look Great. 

At AnswerOne professionalism and outstanding customer service are our top priority.   We have been in business for more than 40 years and we pride ourselves on the value we deliver to each of our clients.   Unlike other answering services, our receptionists receive extensive training before they are allowed to answer calls for our clients.   In fact, we are an award winning answering service, providing the high-quality service that makes our clients look great in front of their customers.   

While many callers are turned off by voice mail or machines, they don't hang up when a person answers the phone.    Our receptionists know how to interact with your callers personally and professionally, and they can attend to a variety of customer service needs and situations.    We've also been known to help our clients reduce their expenses and increase their sales by answering their phones before and after normal business hours.  Our receptionists have attended to sales calls and customer inquiries that might have otherwise been missed.  Many clients also rely on us to answer all of their calls, reducing both the need and expense of a formal front desk staff.  

The Woo and Wow Factor

"As Your Virtual Receptionist,  Your 24-Hour Call Center,  Your After Hours or Emergency Hotline."   

At AnswerOne  we know how to woo your customers on their first call and wow them on every call thereafter.   It's one of the reasons why you'll love having our receptionists handle the phones for you; and the personal, individualized service that we provide.   

Experience the AnswerONE Difference
AnswerOne Answering Service
And If That's Not Enough
AnswerOne has developed a number of services that help you and your business work smarter instead of harder.   From those time consuming tasks you wish someone else could manage to the services you never imagined, check out what AnswerOne can do for you... 

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"I've found them to be extremely professional and reliable. They know my needs as a well as the needs of my patients and handle their calls with the highest level of understanding and expertise."

—John Martinille

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